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Schafreuter – a fantastic winter hike

The Schafreuter top – 2,102 m (6,896 ft)

The Schafreuter is a mountain in the Vorkarwendel area, which is the mountain chain just before the Karwendel chain into higher mountain regions. It is an intersting mountain which also holds the border between Bavaria and Austria. The border stone is from the year 1844. The view from the top unleashes three different mountain chains in a breathtaking beauty. The most impressive is probably the view to the northern Karwendel mountains which are north of the Schafreuter top, but also to three other massive mountains: the Benediktenwand, the Roßstein and the Buchstein.
Our Sebastian Trager is an experienced and enthusiastic mountaineer who is very familiar with the alpine area and this is his tip for beginner to medium experienced hikers.

The tour details

The mountain separates Bavaria from Austrian Tyrolia, where the border is directly on the top mountain path.

The hike up is around 3 hours with 1300 meters altitude difference, the way down back to Rißtal takes around 2 1/2 hours.

The Schafreuter is one of the popular mountains in the Bavarian/Austrian area, since it is relatively easy to hike for a trained person and in addition offers fantastic and breathtaking views to the surrounding mountains and mountain chains. It is easily reachable from Munich or Tyrolia by car in around 40 minutes.

2102 meters to the mountain top with several steep passages and 1300 altitude to walk requires a bit of training. This mountain is not suitable for beginners, but at least basic level experienced mountaineers.

We suggest good mountain hike equipment, including B/C mountain shoes, several layers of thinner but warm alpine clothes, water and food supplies. Highly recommended are: walking/hiking sticks, maps, lightweight lighting equipment and a mobile phone with sufficient battery or a solar powerbank.

Plan at least 3 hours to the top and minimum 2 1/2 hours all the way down again as a medium trained mountaineer. As a beginner, you can easily add another 2-3 hours to this schedule, since there are several very steep passages and narrow pathways. Never overestimate your own mountain hike skills and always be aware of your situation! And remember that temperatures decrease by 1° Celsius every 100 meters of increasing altitude.

But when you made it to the top, the Schafreuter offers some impressive views to valleys, lakes and many beautiful mountains around it. Check the gallieries!