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Heimgarten – classic Bavarian tour

The Heimgarten – an impressive view from the top 1791 m

The Heimgarten is a mountain in the Bavarian lower Alps and is counted to the Walchensee- and Kochelsee mountains. It is the direct neighbour of the famous Herzogstand, a higher alpine grid that leads to the Estermountains. To the north, the terrain falls down to the Bavarian pre-alpine grounds. Our Basti (Instagram link) checked for sunshine weather and made a daytrip to the Heimgarten top, starting from lake Walchensee, south of the mountain.

The Heimgarten is one of the most favorite “house mountains”, where most people from Munich and the surrounding cities and villages love to hike. It is less crowded than the Herzogstand, which also has a gondola to the top. The Heimgarten can be hiked with the starting points at Ohlstadt, Kochelsee or from the southern route Walchensee. The path over the ridge to the Herzogstand needs some secure steps and experience. Just below the top at 1785 meters altitude, there is the Heimgartenhütte, a cabin which is open until mid October, but does not have overnight accomodation.

The tour details

The Heimgarten is also very popular for winter hikes, on foot (with a significantly higher degree of difficulty compared to summer), with snowshoes or with touring skis. The ascent of the Heimgarten in January 1890 by Karl Otto was probably the first ski tour to an alpine peak. The Heimgarten is a mountain with a high altitude.

About south of the mountain peak on the hiking trail H5 to Walchensee-Ort is the Ohlstädter Alm at 1423 m above sea level.

Sebastian Trager, our experienced mountaineer is part of the Alpenedelweiss family since many years. There is probably no mountain top in Bavaria, Austria or Italy that he did not climb. He hikes in summer and winter, is climbing the hardest parts and can always give reliable advice. He loves whiskey, plays guitar and sings like a rockstar and gets dizzy when he is in horizontal terrain. A real outdoor guy!

Claim: moderate to experienced (winter)

Duration in summer: 6 1/2 hours / winter: 7 1/2 hours

Length 12 km, Acent 1087 meters, Descent 1087 meters, maximum altitude: 1788 meters

Details for the tour at Heimgarten vom Walchensee

We suggest good mountain hike equipment, including B/C mountain shoes, several layers of thinner but warm alpine clothes, water and food supplies. Highly recommended are: walking/hiking sticks, maps, lightweight lighting equipment and a mobile phone with sufficient battery or a solar powerbank. For the winter tour, we highly recommend snow shoes and ice claws. Dress accordingly to the predicted outside temperatures and check altitude temperatures as well. With every 100 meters the temperature drops at around 1 degree of Celsius. Be prepared for alpine weather changes at any time!