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Trüffelburger mit Alpenkräutersalat, Truffelburgare med sallad av alpina örter, Tryffelihampurilainen Alppien yrttisalaatin kanssa, Truffle burger with alpine herb salad

Alpen Edelweiss Truffle Burger –

This is no street food!

This Alpen Edelweiss truffle burger is fine cuisine packed into a street food disguise. The recipe is our own and one of the favorites for a quick but super tasty meal. The ingredients speak for themselves: Dry aged Entrecote, black Truffles, mountain cheese, alpine herbs, Speck and La Tropea onions with a fresh twist of Green Cherokee tomatoes. Pretty much delicacy packed between two juicy burger buns. Burgers have an ongoing hype and popularity. They are easy to make and combine well with almost any side dish. They are eaten at bbq parties and some can be found in fine restaurants. And depending on their ingredients, they often serve a package of a fine selection of local and high quality meats, herbs and vegetables with almost unlimited variety.

The best from the Alps

Our Alpen Edelweiss truffle burger offers a round and flavour rich combination around the black truffle with fine support for this mushroom and a delicious base with a juicy dry aged Entrecote patty. The alpine herbs contain mostly baby leaf mizuna, kale, tatsoi, chard, bulls blood, spinach, red mustard, pea shoots, bronze fennel, chickweed, yarrow, dandelion, salsola, salicornia watercress, land cress, lepidium, parsley, violet, pansy, tagetes, daisies, rose petals, snapdragon and carnations. We use three different burger elements with black truffle and the Entrecote beef, that makes most of our burger recipes something special with its full and fine beef note. Butter and mayonnaise carry the black truffle to your senses and the red sweet La Tropea onion comes in very mild but fresh and enrichening. We soften the buns with vegetable broth before we grill them to make them even more juicy and fluffy. The green Cherokee tomato gives just enough liquid to make every bite enjoyable, but it does not overtake the taste in the tomato direction. The mountain cheese gives the typical cheese taste with an alpine touch. The Alpenspeck offers the cross and salty layer in between, but is a bit different from regular bacon in many ways. For this burger, we also avoid ketchup, mustard or chili sauces, it is already packed with everything it needs.

The recipe for one burger

Trüffelburger mit Alpenkräutersalat, Truffelburgare med sallad av alpina örter, Tryffelihampurilainen Alppien yrttisalaatin kanssa, Truffle burger with alpine herb salad

Alpen Edelweiss truffle burger

Alpen Edelweiss
Alpenburger with alpine salad, Alpenspeck, minced Entrecote, mountain cheese and truffle Mayonnaise
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Alpine Recipes, Bavarian Recipes
Cuisine American, Bavarian, Burger
Servings 4 people
Calories 250 kcal


  • Craft Burger Buns or selfmade brioches
  • 200 gr fresh ground dry aged Entrecote with at least 20 percent fat
  • 80 gr Mountain cheese – Bergkäse
  • 3 spoons black Truffle Mayonnaise
  • 1 spoon black Truffle Butter
  • 1 Sweet onion we prefer La Tropea
  • 1 Spring onion we prefer La Tropea
  • 150 ml vegetable broth
  • Alpine herbs salad
  • Alpenspeck or Bacon
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic
  • 1 Tomato preferred: oxheart or cheerokee green
  • Pickled cucumber
  • 1 egg yolk
  • a little bit of Thyme
  • optionally fresh truffles


  • Start by cooking the broth and let it cool down to room temperature again. Mix the meat with an egg yolk and a little bit of thyme, salt and pepper, form the patties a bit bigger than the buns diamieter and press a little whole in the middle with your thumb, so it does not shrink and thicken in the middle when roasting it.
  • Wash and prepare the salad, cut the tomatoes into 1 cm slices, a third or half red onion to 2-3 millimeter rings, put aside, but not in the fridge.
  • Fry the Speck or bacon in a pan until cross, place it on a kitchen paper, but leave the fat in the pan for the onions.
  • Cut the rest of the onion and the garlic into small pieces and roast them on very low temperature in a pan for 8-10 minutes, but not golden or brown. Add the truffle mayonnaise, the truffle butter and optionally a small glass (50-70 ml) of dry white wine. Do not heat the truffle mayonnaise.
  • If you prefer french fries or roasted potatoes with your burger, this would be the time where you start putting them in the oven :). Take a spoon and pour a bit of broth in the middle or your burger buns to make them juicy and not dry on the grill, do not soak them.
  • Start fyring the meat patties to a desired level. We prefer medium (pink in the middle) for the best taste, especially with Entrecote or Wagyu ground beef! That would be (depending on the thickness) 3-4 minutes per side. When switching to the other side, place the burger buns on the grill for 1 minute each side, so that the broth softened dough gets the grill stripes in light brown. Also place the cheese on the meat so that it can melt. (Tip: if the cheese does not melt enough, place it in the oven to the potatoes for a minute)
  • Now place the burger bottom bun on a plate, add 1-2 spoons of the truffle mayonnaise sauce, cover it with the salad and place the burger patty with the cheese on it. Now cover it with the Alpenspeck or bacon, then some red onion ringes, the tomato on top and finish with another spoon of the truffle mayonnaise.
  • Optionally, you cut a few slices of fresh truffles on the sauce and serve the burger open on a plate to your guests, or close the burger and place a few truffle slices on top of it.
    Trüffelburger mit Alpenkräutersalat, Truffelburgare med sallad av alpina örter, Tryffelihampurilainen Alppien yrttisalaatin kanssa, Truffle burger with alpine herb salad


Read the tips below to create the most tasty and juicy burger around your truffles.
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Tips for a super delicious and juicy truffle burger

Always use a higher fat level with Entrecote or Wagyu ground beef. It has quick melting fat with a lot of taste and the patty does not get dry on the grill. If possible, fresh ground or self ground meat is the best! Do not store ground meat for long!

Never cook with cheap white wine that you would not drink! It does not do a favour to your flavour 🙂

never overroast the garlic, it simply gets bitter and otherwise tasteless.

Onions get more tasty when not roasted to strong, they keep their fruity sweetness.

Use broth in your burger buns before you grill them, they get a lot softer and juicier!

When using truffles, Thyme is the herb to go. It emphasizes the truffle without distracting it too much.

Do not heat the truffle components, the mushroom would lose its aromas quickly.

If you cannot get a specific ingredient, you can still substitue a few of them:
Bacon instead of Alpenspeck, regular or herbs salad instead of the alpine herbs, truffle oil instead of the truffle butter and mayonnaise, regular beef instead of the Entrecote, regular cheese instead of the mountain version. It will still be a fantastic burger with a delicious truffle taste!

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