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Buchstein Südwandschmankerl

Buchstein tour via Südwandschmankerl

Plaisir climbing tour – 180 meters climbing

Roßstein and Buchstein are a double peak in the Tegernsee mountains in the south of the mountain range between the valley of the Isar and the Weißach valley. They can be reached via the Schwarze Tenn valley from Bad Wiessee or from the Weißach valley west of Wildbad Kreuth. The Tegernseer Hütte is located in the saddle between the two peaks at 1650 m above sea level.

An easy trail called “Altweibersteig” leads to the saddle and hut from the north side; from the south, the mountain can either be bypassed to the west and then the trail to the north can be used or, starting at the so-called Brotzeitfelsen, a not un-difficult trail, secured in the upper section with wire ropes, can be followed through rocky terrain to the hut.

Difficulty level 6- UIAA – tour details

From the saddle, it is possible to climb the 1698 m high Roßstein over an easy rugged ridge. The ascent of the 1701 m high Buchstein from the saddle, on the other hand, requires a short and slimmed-down climb of a good 30 metres in altitude through a gully (UIAA II). The south side of the Buchstein with the Sonnenplatte offers numerous climbing routes of varying difficulty, including the Via Weißbier of VII difficulty, the exit of which leads directly to the terrace of the hut. The free-standing Roßstein Needle with a height of around 35 m can be climbed with routes of varying degrees of difficulty (UIAA III-VIII).

Timings and recommended equipment

Claim: moderate to experienced (winter)

Climbing: height 180 meters, difficulty level 6-, with 5 rope length, first climb 1935

Duration in summer: – hours

maximum altitude: 1701 meters

We suggest good mountain hike equipment, including B/C mountain shoes, several layers of thinner but warm alpine clothes, water and food supplies. Highly recommended are: walking/hiking sticks, maps, lightweight lighting equipment and a mobile phone with sufficient battery or a solar powerbank. For the winter tour, we highly recommend snow shoes and ice claws. Dress accordingly to the predicted outside temperatures and check altitude temperatures as well. With every 100 meters the temperature drops at around 1 degree of Celsius. Be prepared for alpine weather changes at any time!