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Mökki truffle burger, Mökki tryffelihampurilainen, sommarstuga tryffelburgare

Our summer cottage dinner set #1 – Truffle burger menu

For tasty dinners at the summer cottage! Our 3-course Tryffle Burger menu is designed with warm summer evenings at the summer cottage in mind, for those moments when you have time and a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy good food. Dinner starts with a fresh melon salad. The Truffle Burger menu is a complete menu for summer cooking, designed as a ready-made solution for you. Unfamiliar with preparing truffles? We’ll help you – it’s actually really easy! Preparation instructions are included in our complete set, which includes all the star products for this menu.

The dinner set gives you the taste-creating star ingredients to rock your truffle burger dinner in our suggested 3-course menu.

The balance and flavours of this menu

The salad is a fruity summer salad, enrichend in proteines and softness with the dairy product. Balsamico vinegar and olive oil are a very simple but flavorful dressing that lives on the quality of the ingredients alone.

Burgers have been very much on the rise again for a few years now and have earned a life away from street food trucks and kiosk stands. Burgers are excellent all-rounders when it comes to variety and density of flavors. They simultaneously offer a carbohydrate source, a mostly meaty protein component, plus ample opportunities to still work acids, herbs, seasonings and juicy vegetables into a balanced work of art. If one still skillfully and little obtrusively accommodates the fine taste of truffles in one or more parts, then such a burger mutates also gladly sometimes to a gourmet piece, like our Truffle burger with black summer truffle and mayonnaise with white truffle.

The Bunet is relatively sweet for a dessert, but immediately enchants with the taste of exquisite chocolate and the finest almond aromas of amaretti. Creamy soft it spreads on the tongue and gives the whole menu still a very fine conclusion.

As a wine recommendation we see an Arneis or Chardonnay with the first course, a Nebbiolo or Barolo to match the truffle, which however also suits the Bunet very well.

What the dinner kit contains and what you have to buy in your local supermarket

We provide the star ingredients that make your truffle burger dinner so outstanding and tasty. While we cannot ship fresh meat or other ingredients of the dinner, we add the “on top” parts to your regular supermarket shopping tour that make the dinner a premium one.

Our truffle burger kit contains the following:

  • 1 25 gr glass of uncut and preserved black summer truffle (tuber aestivum)
  • 1 85 gr glass of premium truffle mayonnaise with white truffles (tuber magnatum pico)
  • 1 100 gr pack of chips flavoured with honey, mustard and white truffles (tuber magnatum pico)
  • 2 100 gr glasses Bunet, a traditional Piedmont chocolate ammaretti dessert

What you should have or buy additionally:

  • Meat of your choice (suggestion: Fresh ground beef or fresh ground entrecote)
  • Burger buns (Brioche)
  • 1 Tomato, Melon and Salad (suggestion: honey melon or sugar melon, ruccola)
  • Mozarella or Burrata
  • Seasoning: Garlic, red onion, Thyme, Basil, Salt&Pepper, Crema Balsamico (or vinegar), Olive oil

We provide a detailed printed recipe with a lot of basic knowledge about truffles and their preparation in the kit

If you are not so experienced with preparing truffles or menus containing truffles, we can assist you here when cooking this wonderful summer menu. We add a printed recipe to your dinner kit where you can read about the preparation of truffles and gain some knowledge about this mushroom and its preparation. The printed recipe also helps you throughout the complete cooking process by suggesting tasks that you can prepare because they are not time critical, by creating all the single layers in a perfect burger setup and and it gives you tips and tricks about the complete menu. We estimate, that your preparation time for the complete menu will be under one hour. for all 3 courses.

You can get your own truffle burger menu delivered by clicking here!