The capital of Bavaria is Munich, situated north of the edge of the alps with the river Isar flowing from the alps through the city. Munich, or München (“Home of the Monks”), traces its origins to the Benedictine monastery at Tegernsee, which was probably founded in 750 CE. Also called the most northern Italian city, Munich is today an economically thriving city with a mixture of old traditions and a cool hipster scene. You can at the same time bump into people with a surfboard and a snowboard. Most importantly, Munich is also the home city of Alpen Edelweiß.

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What Bavaria is known for

Bavaria is a former kingdom with a distinct and vivid culture, known for its strong traditions and festivals such as the Octoberfest. The home for numerous old breweries and Biergartens that are an essential part of the social culture and the scene for local festivals. The Bavarian Costume (called Trachten) is worn by locals as a regular thing and there are several traditional guidelines related to the Trachten that visitors often fail to follow.


Biergärten are a central point for social interaction and events in Bavaria with local beers served along with traditional food from the region.


An integral part of the Biergarten culture is the Trachten with each region having its specific colouring and style. Be sure to get a few cultural rules in place before dressing up like for example how to communicate if you are single or married.

The Bavarian lion

The most famous symbol of Bavaria is the lion. Symbolizing courage, valor, strength, ravery and royalty. Here the lion portrayed in the famous Bavaria statue at Theresienwiese in Munich.

Bavarian specialities

Be sure to try these local specialities when visiting Bavaria.


The Munich area is home to the world’s oldest brewery still in operation.


The traditional salty pastry is part of everyday life as a snack or accompanied by traditional dishes.


Enjoy between breakfast and lunch together with a Brez'n and local sweet mustard.


Any juice flavour or wine mixed with bubbly water. Common variants include apple and black currant.