Thanks to the rich soil, excellent climate and hard-working families in the region Piedmont is a paradise for gourmands offering world-class delicacies unmatched by variants from elsewhere. Piedmont is a region in northwest Italy bordering France and Switzerland. As the name indicates, the area sits at the foot of the Alps, framed to the north by the Swiss High Alps, to the west by the Cotton Maritime Alps, to the south by the Apennines mountain range and is in addition close to the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its geographical location Piedmont has very unique climatic conditions with low-lying fog occurring often. The geographical environment makes the soil very special, providing a fertile ground for growing delicacies like truffles, hazelnuts and wine grapes, known world-wide for being best of their kind. Since 2014, the wine-growing region of Langhe has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Piedmont Delicacies

The region offers such a huge variety of wonderful traditional dishes to try that it is difficult to know where to start. Piedmont is famous for the country's most tradition-bound cooking which includes insanely eggy pastas, hazelnuts, truffles and naturally famous red wines.

What Alpen Edelweiß offers you from the Piedmont region


We offer a selection of Piedmont delicacies including black truffles, Tajarin pasta, hazelnuts, hazelnut creams, truffle chips and pralines. All from producers we consider among the best in the region.

Travel vouchers

Our partner and local connoisseur Piemont Pur has customized two travel packages for Alpen Edelweiss. The perfect gift to give to a gourmand friend or spouse for a get-away to the pittoresque Piedmont region.

Gift sets

A gift filled with flavours of the Piedmont region, packed in an Alpen Edelweiss gift box. Combine with a travel voucher or give as such. Guaranteed enjoyment and taste travel experience for a gourmand.

Authentic travel experience

Piemont Pur is our charming local Piemonte expert that creates customized travel experiences in the region. The family-run tour operator with more than 25 years of experience in the region has the experience, competence and passion to create authentic travel experiences in the region.

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The ``white gold``of Piedmont, the fresh white truffles, are delivered to you with an express delivery shortly after being found.

Fresh truffles are sold only for customers who have signed up to the notification list. When our supplier has discovered a fresh truffle, we will notify all interested customers – the first one to react will be receive the truffle with an express delivery.