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Delicata tomato sauce, 390g, Tumatì

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Tomaattimurskaa maukkaimmillaan! Tumatì Delicata tomaattimurska on valmistettu auringon kypsyttämistä ja mehukkaista piedmontelaisista “Cuore di Bue” tomaateista. Ilman säilöntäainaita. Säilytä viileässä ja pimeässä paikassa.

Krossade tomater som bäst! Tumatì Delicata tomatsåsen är gjord av saftiga piedmontesiska “Cuore di Bue” tomater som mognat i solen. Utan konserveringsmedel. Förvara i svalt och mörkt ställe.

Tumatì Delicata is tomate sauce at its finest, made from highest quality ingredients that make it tasty, pure and authentic. It makes all the difference in your cooking giving the aromatic taste of sun-riped and juicy tomatoes. Tumatì Delicata is made out of a fresh and ripe Piedmontese Tomato “Cuore di Bue” (beef heart tomato). It is grown, processed and transformed into tomato sauce during the summer. The Tumatì Delicata tomato sauce is without any added flavours or preservatives or allergens. Store in a cool and dark place.

“Tradition is what characterises Tumatì the most, its simple and essential ingredients gives it that touch that nonna (italian word for grandmother)  Lucia added to her dishes during family lunches; tomato, basil and a pinch of salt brought together with an efficient processing and a slow cooking. These are the fundamental ingredients that make Tumatì the sauce that gives a classy touch to every meal.”
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Finest sun-riped high quality juicy tomato sauce that makes the difference to your cooking. Beef heart tomato, tasty without any added flavours or preservatives.

Hienoin auringossa kypsytetty korkealaatuinen mehukas tomaattikastike, joka tekee ruoanlaitossasi eron. Naudanlihan sydäntomaattia, maukasta ilman lisättyjä makuja tai säilöntäaineita.

Finast solmogna, saftiga tomatsås av hög kvalitet som gör skillnad i din matlagning. Tomat med nötköttshjärta, välsmakande utan tillsatta smaker eller konserveringsmedel.

Feinste sonnengereifte, saftige Tomatensauce von hoher Qualität, die den Unterschied in Ihrer Küche ausmacht. Rinderherz-Tomate, schmackhaft ohne Zusatz von Aromen oder Konservierungsstoffen.

INGREDIENTS: Piedmontese Tomato “Cuore di Bue”, Salt, Basil


Calories 19 Kcal

Fat 0,2 g

Saturated fat acids 0g

Carbohydrates 4 g

Proteins 0,9 g

Sugars 2,8 g

Salt 0,01 %

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Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm
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