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Lacrima d’Oro hazelnut oil 100ml, Morgana del Re

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Tuottaja Morgana del Re:n Lacrima d’Oro on luonnonmukainen ja vegaaninen öljy, joka on valmistettu kylmäpuristetuista paahdetuista hasselpähkinöistä, Nocciola Piemonte IGP Tonda Gentile. Tämä korkealaatuinen paahdettu hasselpähkinäöljy on valmistettu yksinomaan Tondi Gentili Trilobate -hasselpähkinöistä. Huolellisesti valitut hasselpähkinät seulotaan ensin kahteen otteeseen minkä jälkeen ne paahdetaan huolellisesti, mikä puolestaan antaa niille niiden ainutlaatuisen kultaisen värin. Tuote säilyttää prosessin aikana luonnolliset ja ravitsemukselliset ominaisuutensa muuttumattomina. Tonda Gentile Trilobata, josta Morgana del Re valmistaa herkkutuotteita, on korkealaatuinen perinteinen italialainen hasselpähkinävariantti, jota viljellään yleensä ruokakäyttöön. Lacrima d’Oron maku on hienovarainen ja puhdas. Se sopii täydellisesti salaattien tai lämpimien ruokien viimeistelyyn.

Lacrima d’Oro från producenten Morgana del Re är en ekologisk och vegan olja som framställs av kallpressade rostade hasselnötter, Nocciola Piemonte IGP Tonda Gentile. Denna rostade hasselnötsolja av högsta kvalitet framställs enbart av Tondi Gentili Trilobate -hasselnötter. De noggrant utvalda hasselnötterna genomgår först ett dubbelt urval och en noggrann rostning, vilket ger dem en unikt gyllene färg. Under processen behåller hasselnötterna sina naturliga och näringsmässiga egenskaper oförändrade. Tonda Gentile Trilobata som Morgana del Re skapar delikatessprodukter av, är en traditionell italiensk hasselnötsvariant av hög kvalitet som vanligtvis odlas för kulinariska ändamål. Lacrima d’Oro har en fin och ren smak och är en perfekt finish på sallader eller varma rätter.

Lacrima d’Oro from producer Morgana del Re is an organic and vegan oil obtained by cold pressed roasted hazelnuts, Nocciola Piemonte IGP Tonda Gentile. This high-quality roasted hazelnut oil is obtained exclusively from Tondi Gentili Trilobate hazelnuts. The carefully selected hazelnuts are first subject to a double selection and to a meticulous toasting, which result in an unique golden appearance. Through this phase, the product keeps its natural and nutritive properties unchanged. The Tonda Gentile Trilobata that Morgana del Re creates delicacy products from, is a high-quality traditional Italian hazelnut variant, that is usually grown for culinary uses. The Lacrima d’Oro has a fine and pure taste and is a perfect finish for salads or warm dishes.

Morgana del Re is a family company founded in 1800, located in Rodello that is part of the Langhe region in Piedmont/Italy. With a meticulous production process in which each phase is carried out with the utmost care they pay the utmost respect for the quality of the raw material and the surrounding land. Examples of their efforts to be sustainable and respect the surrounding land are; using solar energy, using natural detegrgents in their laboratory, cultivating bee hives to support the biodiversity of their land and the use of “burros”, the donekys, that are essential to reducing the environmental impact.

“Our love for the land and for the raw ingredients, cultivated with an ever lasting commitment, has been handed down for three generations, from grandpa Oreste and grandma Fiorentina, through my parents Roberto and Giuliana, up to me. The first hazels were planted by our ancestors more than two centuries ago, and even though they couldn’t always sustain our family, the visceral love for my land has quickly made them my raison d’être.

Our values, sacrifices, efforts, and unbroken dedication are but a small part of an ambitious project, such as to carry out a work which began over 100 years ago, with determination, passion, and the awareness that each hazelnut treasures a part of our land, a part of us all.

I wish a kind thought and a warm thank you to my grandmother Piera, the first one to have helped to shell and to toast the hazelnuts for the first tests, immediately after the establishment of the farm. She inspires me and gives me strength every morning.”

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Very Aromatic organic, vegan oil, cold pressed Tondi Gentili Trilobate roasted hazelnuts, IGP certified. A perfect finish for starters, salads or warm dishes.

Erittäin aromaattinen orgaaninen, vegaaninen öljy, kylmäpuristettu Tondi Gentili Trilobate paahdettu hasselpähkinä, IGP-sertifioitu. Täydellinen viimeistely alkupaloille, salaateille tai lämpimille ruokalajeille.

Mycket aromatisk ekologisk, vegansk olja, kallpressad Tondi Gentili Trilobate rostade hasselnötter, IGP-certifierad. En perfekt avslutning till förrätter, sallader eller varma rätter.

Sehr aromatisches biologisches, veganes Öl, kaltgepresst aus gerösteten Tondi Gentili Trilobate Haselnüssen, IGP-zertifiziert. Ein perfektes Finish für Vorspeisen, Salate oder warme Gerichte.

INGREDIENTS AND ALLERGENS: Organic oil obtained by cold pressing roasted organic hazelnuts, from the cultivar Tonda Gentile Trilobata. variety Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P. DELLE LENGHE.


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