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Risotto rice, aged for 7 years, 500g, Acquerello

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Maailmankuulu Acquerello risottoriisi on ainutlaatuinen niin ravintoarvoiltaan kuin risotolle täydellisesti sopivan koostumuksensa ainsiosta. Tätä Piemonten alppivuoristosta kotoisin olevaa riisiä kypsytetään jopa 7 vuoden ajan patentoidun prosessin mukaisesti, minkä ansiosta se imee itseensä risoton lientä antaen risotolle poikkeuksellisen maukkaan ja kermaisen koostumuksen. Ainoa valkoinen riisi joka ravintoarvoiltaan vastaa täysjyväriisiä. Lue lisää lisätiedoista (alla).

Det världsberömda Acqerello risottoriset är unikt beträffande dess näringsvärden och dess konsistens som lämpar sig perfekt för risotto. Hemma från Piemontes alpina bergslandskap där denna variant mognas upp till 7 år enligt en patenterad process. Tack vare denna process absorberar riset risottons vätska i sig vilket ger risotton en exceptionellt smakfylld och krämig konsistens. Det enda vita riset vars näringsvärden motsvarar det av fullkornris. Läs mera i tillägssuppgiterna (nedan).

The world-famous Acquerello risotto rice is THE risotto rice – originating from Piedmont where it still today is produced.

This variant is aged for 7 years, resulting in the perfect risotto rice consistency that emphasizes the flavour of the risotto thanks to its absorbing feature.

Acquerello started in 1991 from Piero Rondolino’s idea to create a rice that distinguished itself from the others for its superior quality. Acquerello is the first rice that is aged and has its own germ. This makes this white rice’s nutritional properties the same as brown rice.

The Acquerello rice is whitened through a patented 20-step helix process that not only prevents any damage to grains and ensures the perfect colour and shape of the rice, but also preserves the nutritional parts of the grain. The 7-year old variant accounts for 1% of Acquerellos yearly harvest.

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The world famous risotto rice is the only one aged for 1 year, with nutritional values as full corn rice, perfect stabilized starch and consistency for cooking.

Maailmankuulu risottoriisi on ainoa 1 vuoden ajan kypsytetty riisi, jonka ravintoarvot vastaavat täysmaissiriisin ravintoarvoja, ja jonka tärkkelys ja koostumus ovat täydellisesti stabiloituneet ruoanlaittoa varten.

Det världsberömda risottoriset är det enda riset som har lagrats i ett år, med näringsvärden som fullkornsris, perfekt stabiliserad stärkelse och konsistens för matlagning.

Der weltberühmte Risottoreis ist der einzige, der 1 Jahr lang gereift ist. Er hat die gleichen Nährwerte wie Vollkornreis, eine perfekt stabilisierte Stärke und eine zum Kochen geeignete Konsistenz.

The three points about this rice that makes it unique:

  1. The aging of rough rice takes place in silos at controlled temperature and humidity that for this variant is for a minimum of 7 years. This process achieves full stabilization of the starch and allows grains to hold texture. During the 7-year aging process the grains become darker in colour, take a few more minutes to cook and absorb more liquid than other risotto rices. They great benefit of the unique and long aging process is that the risotto grains emphasize flavors of the risotto and are bigger in size.
  2. The helix is an extraordinary whitening process that dates back to 1875. To this date this process has no competitors due to the fact that it is the most gentle method that prevents any damage to grains. This is a 20 steps process the grains go through in order to have the most perfect shape and white color.
  3. The germ is the most nutritious part of the grain in which we find vitamins and minerals. During the whitening process, the germ detaches from the grain but is preserved and it is then reintegrated into the white grains through a patented process. Acquerello is the only white rice with the nutritional properties of brown rice.

Acquerello is born in Livorno Ferraris, (Piedmont region), right in the heart of Vercelli, the province where the rice culture dates back to the1400s. All production still takes place in the Colombara Estate in Livorno Ferraris.

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