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Tajarin egg pasta, 250g, Marco Giacosa

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Tajarin pasta on Piemonten klassikkoherkku! Tajarin pastassa käytetään 30-40 munankeltuaista per kg jauhoja minkä ansiosta se korostaa erityisesti tryffelin tai yleisesti sienien kuten herkkutatin tai kanttarellien makua täydellisesti. Marco Giacosan Tajarin pasta on käsintehty ja käsinleikattu ja eroaa laadussaan massatuotetuista vaihtoehdoista. Tämä pakkaus riittää noin 15-16 annokseen. Keittoaika n. 2-5 minuuttia.

Tajarin pastan är en klassiker delikatess från Piemont! Den innehåller mellan 30-40 äggulor per kg vetemjöl och framhäver tack vare den höga ägghalten särskilt smaken av tryffel eller svampar överlag. Detsamma gäller för kantareller eller Karl Johans svamp. Tajarin pastan från Marco Giacosa är handgjord och handskuren och urskiljer sig kvalitetsmässigt från massproducerade varianter. Denna förpackning serverar kring 15-16 portioner. Koktid ca 2-5 minuter.

The Tajarin egg pasta from Piedmont is a classic – an expression of the local culture, traditions and identity. The Tajarin egg pasta from Marco Giacosa is hand-made and hand-cut according to authentic recipes and traditional production methods handed down by his grand parents to obtain a genuine authentic flavour that he remembers from his childhood.  In his own words: “in the production of my pasta, I have established personal guidelines: simplicity, rigour, passion, contemporary enhancement of the flavours which my taste memory has inherited and which I aim to pass on just as they are”. This is the ideal pasta for truffles, but also goes well together with salvia and lemon. A must for pasta-lovers. This package serves around 15-16 portions. Cooking time around 2 minutes.

Marco produces his dough by simply mixing with the traditional quantity of eggs a selection of flours from local mills and using a particular cold rolling process, an innovative system via which the dough sheet is produced at the correct thickness for end use directly from the mixture. This is a cold working process and therefore the product is not heated, thus preserving the flavours of the past and producing a dough sheet just like grandmother did with the rolling pin, enhancing the microporosity, the elasticity and the original colour of the dough which does not undergo any mechanical stress (i.e. no pressure, friction or alterations due to heat, all of which affect the end quality) caused by the mixers normally used, equipped with “gremole”. This particular process, which represents the best way of incorporating the liquid molecules into the gluten proteins, maintains the organoleptic properties of the pasta, preserving the quality of the raw materials, the elasticity of the dough sheet and its natural colour. Lastly, this system, guaranteeing complete integrity of the starches, produces a very digestible pasta which cooks evenly both inside and outside; this means that it does not overcook, will not collapse after cooking and above all will remain fluffy on the plate, avoiding mushiness and glueyness, the worst defect for consumers.

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The special hand-made and hand-cut pasta for your truffle and mushroom kitchen. The very high amount of egg yolk (33%) transports the mushroom aromas perfectly.

Erityinen käsintehty ja käsin leikattu pasta tryffeli- ja sienikeittiöösi. Erittäin suuri määrä munankeltuaista (33 %) kuljettaa sienien aromit täydellisesti.

Den speciella handgjorda och handskurna pastan för ditt tryffel- och svampkök. Den mycket höga mängden äggula (33 %) transporterar svamparomen perfekt.

Die besondere handgemachte und handgeschnittene Pasta für Ihre Trüffel- und Pilzküche. Der sehr hohe Anteil an Eigelb (33%) transportiert die Pilzaromen perfekt.

INGREDIENTS: “oo” soft-WHEAT flour, eggs 33%, durum wheat semiolina.

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