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L’Oro in Cucina® Extra Virgin olive oil with white truffle, 100ml, Tartuflanghe

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The L’Oro in Cucina truffle oil in our selection is made out of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil and the Tuber magnatum Pico white truffle. Fruity and delicate, it goes perfectly with the taste of truffle. Slices of freeze-dried Italian white truffle, selected by hand and clearly visible in the bottle.

Excellent as a finishing, to drizzle over warm and cold dishes: pasta, risotto, meat, fish, eggs, salads, vegetables, fresh cheese, crostini bread, canapés, sushi and sashimi, fresh and smoked salmon, meat and fish carpaccio and tartare.

½ teaspoon per portion is the ideal quantity to enrich your dishes.

Condiment made of extra virgin olive oil (99%) with white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico)

L’Oro du Cucina tryffeliöljy on valmistettu 100% italialaisesta extra virgin oliiviöljystä ja valkoisesta Tuber magnatum Pico tryffelistä. Kylmäkuivatut tryffelisiivut näkyvät selkeästi pullon sisällä. Täydellinen lisä mm. tryffelille korostamaan sen makua. Puolikas teelusikallinen riittää viimeistelemään lämpimän tai kylmän aterian. Kokeile esimerkiksi risotton, pastan, pihvin, kalan tai carpaccion kanssa.

L’Oro di Cucina tryffeloljan är framställd utav 100% italiensk extra virgin olivolja samt den vita Tuber magnatum Pico tryffeln. Tryffelskivorna är synliga innanför flaskan. Den är ett ypperligt tillägg till exempelvis tryffelrätter för att framhäva tryffelsmaken. En halv tesked räcker till att komplettera en varm eller kall rätt. Prova till risotto, pasta, biff, fisk eller carpaccio.

Tartuflanghe is a family company, founded in 1975 by chef Giuseppe and his wife Domenica Montanaro in Piobesi d’Alba. The company’s history is strongly tied to the kitchen which still today shows in how they meticulously stay creative with developing recipes, experimenting with production processes and in their continuous selection of the finest ingredients. Since the start, the passion for the symbol of their territory, the White Truffle of Alba, has pushed them to be innovative in their product development, while staying  true to tradition. Their recipes, from savory to sweet, have been awarded in major international competitions.

“Every day we continue to experiment with our idea of flavor to create the absolute sensorial experience”, Paolo Montanaro

Today Tartuflanghe cultivates and nurtures more than 20 hectares of wooded land in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato to save a heritage that is disappearing, the Alba White Truffle.

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Aromatic white truffle oil with white truffle slices. Perfect for pasta, risotto, meat, fish, eggs, salads, cheese, fresh or smoked salmon, carpaccio, tartare.

Aromaattinen valkoinen tryffeliöljy, jossa on valkoisia tryffeliviipaleita. Täydellinen pastan, risoton, lihan, kalan, kananmunien, salaattien, juustojen, tuoreen tai savustetun lohen, carpaccion, tartarin kanssa.

Aromatisk vit tryffelolja med skivor av vit tryffel. Perfekt till pasta, risotto, kött, fisk, ägg, sallader, ost, färsk eller rökt lax, carpaccio, tartar.

Aromatisches weißes Trüffelöl mit weißen Trüffelscheiben. Perfekt für Pasta, Risotto, Fleisch, Fisch, Eier, Salate, Käse, frischen oder geräucherten Lachs, Carpaccio, Tartar.

INGREDIENTS AND ALLERGENS: Italian extra virgin olive oil 99%, freeze-dried Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0.15% (like 0.9% of fresh product), natural flavor.

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